TeraPixel Technologies Inc.

Developing semiconductors using the world’s most advanced processes

TeraPixel Technologies Inc. was established as a company that develops semiconductor IP used for processing video and images.

The range of our technologies is not limited to video and images. Today, we own the technologies to research and develop massively parallel processors with numerous cores. With cutting-edge processing technologies, we endeavor to achieve the world’s highest level of computing performance vs. power consumption.


IP developed by JVC Kenwood

We introduce an Image processing IP that incorporates the know-how accumulated by JVC Kenwood through its long-standing video-related product development processes. We offer a variety of IP licenses required to enhance the quality of imaging products, including 4K/8K FRC, scalers, and noise reduction.

Development of semiconductor IP

We develop and offer IPs, including controller logic for image compression and correction and high-speed interfaces, as well as cipher cores and processors.

Areas of our Research and Development

– Image processing and compression and video transmission – Massively parallel processors driven by low voltage – Micromachine products for healthcare

Examples of major development
Development of JPEG Codec IP
Development of 3G-SDI I/F controller IP
Development of Image Signal Processor IP
Development of MIPI CSI/Sub-LVDS Controller IP
Development of Down Scaler IP
Development of a wireless module based on the JPEG XS Codec


Established Kobe University massively parallel processor joint research course


Persons are wanted who want to work with leading-edge-technologies!
Persons are wanted who want to work with leading-edge-technologies!

TeraPixel Technologies welcomes a variety of human resources for the development of new technologies.

– Job Categories –

Logical design engineer / embedded software engineer


Company Profile
Company Name:
TeraPixel Technologies, Inc.
3rd Floor, VORT Shin-Yokohama Bldg., 3-2-6 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan Phone: +81-(0) 45-475-9017
Established in:
January 2014
99 million yen (plus a capital reserve 96 million yen)
Naoki Kawahara
Yasushi Hattori
Number of Employees:
Business Lineup:
  • Development of semiconductor IP and license sales
  • Commissioned design of semiconductors and systems
  • Development and sales of company-brand semiconductors and systems
Main Customers:
Sony LSI Design, Panasonic, Socionext, NTT Electronics, NHK Science & Technologies Research Laboratories, Ikegami Tsushinki, Brother Industries, Axell, Eizo, FOR-A, JVC Kenwood, PFU, etc.
October 2018
Cancelled all agency contracts except for the one with JVC Kenwood. Determined to concentrate on the development and production of the company’s own products.
August 2017
Concluded an agency contract for Video over IP with the Canadian company Coveloz.
June 2017
Received an order of large-scale ASIC and system development.
June 2014
Started the sales of JPEG Codec developed by TeraPixel.
April 2014
Concluded an agency contract for TICO/JPEG2000IP with intoPix, a Belgium company.
April 2014
Concluded an agency contract for image processing IP with JVC Kenwood.
March 2014
Concluded a contract for commissioned development of 3G-SDI Rx I/F IP for a domestic major SoC manufacturer.
February 2014
Concluded an agency contract for memory I/F IP with the U.S. company Uniquify Inc.
January 2014
Concluded an agency contract for high-speed I/F IP with the U.S. company Silicon Image Inc. (current Lattice Semiconductor).
January 2014
Company established.



VORT Shin-yokohama 3F, 3-2-6, Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 2220033, Japan

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